Langebaan is truly a unique boating area. Nowhere else in South Africa is there a surface nearly as perfect for watersport. In the early morning it is usually flat, calm and excellent for skiing and boogie boarding. Later in the day, just a cruise around the waters is still a lovely experience. For a nice outing on a boat, take a trip to Kraalbaai with your picnic basket or take a trip to Mykonos Resort & Casino.

When the fishing season starts up again, SW le Roux would like to meet on a Saturday for a braai and also involve authority concerning the Lagoon and environmental aspects of this area. It is important that all members that make use of the lagoon, fishing or recreational, are well aware of all the rules and regulations. While the cold is still chilling out there and the boat is locked up, here are a few pointers to check out in order for when the sun arrives again and the summer is in the air, so all members are boating and fishing ready.

  1. Mark your trailer with proper information so we can have some control from our port of entry.
  2. Ensure your documentation is up to date: fishing permits, seaworthy, skippers tickets and floatation certificate.
  3. All vessels must be equipped with a cutoff switch on your remote control.
  4. Start and run your motors at least twice a month to avoid carb block up.
  5. Put proper lubrication on your steering end and turn regularly left and right to full. This will prevent from getting stuck and ceasing up.
  6. Disconnect your batteries but keep it charged up for a longer life span.