Kayaking is a sport which is not limited to any age group. At LYC we have approximately 113 privately owned kayaks, and whether you are a social paddler or a competitive paddler you are welcome at the club, not forgetting the children who are given expert tuition by two of our experienced club members.

While competitive paddlers tackle the water in all sorts of weather conditions, there are many glorious, still days when Langebaan Lagoon is like a mirror, and the social paddlers take to the water, to paddle in a leisurely manner around Schaapen Island to look at the birds and the white rabbits, to paddle down to one of the restaurants for a coffee, or to adventure across the lagoon to Kraalbaai for a picnic. This must be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Several members of LYC compete in various national surfski and kayak races around the country:

  • During the summer months the focus for the racing community is on open ocean surfski paddling. A summer series is staged from October, and takes place at various beaches around the Western Cape.
  • The second event in this series forms part of the Lagoon Life Water Festival and takes place here in the Langebaan Lagoon. There are a number of course options and distances catering for paddlers from the novice end of the spectrum and upwards.
  • The season comes to a climax with the iconic Cape Point Challenge, a 50km long surfski race that starts in Scarborough, takes paddlers thru some of the most treacherous waters in the Cape, rounding Cape Point and finishes in Fish Hoek. This event is labelled as “The toughest on-day surfski race in the World”, as part of the qualifying process, various 30 – 35km events are staged.
  • Langebaan plays host to one of these Cape Point Qualifiers where paddlers paddle out of the Lagoon and encounter some extremely rough water on their way to the finish at Jacob’s Bay.

A development program for previously disadvantaged kids is also run in Langebaan during the 1st, 2nd and 4th school terms. Support from local businesses kicked off this program which sees the experience and skills gained over the years of competition by our senior paddlers being taught to kids in a safe environment. The program is funded by offering paid-for tuition to all kids of the community. The lagoon is the ideal place for such a program to take place offering protected and shallow waters for the kids to learn initially water safety and then paddling technique. Those that show an interest can then go on to compete in races. Several kids that have been through this program have gone on to earn medals at provincial championship races. An application has been made to the National Lottery Board for equipment and LYC hopes to run a continuous development programme with an annual intake of children from the local community. For more information about competitive paddling:

Please contact Rob Meintjies on 083 635 2557

Or for social paddling please contact Marina Black on 071 280 6137